Whiskers have been added.

Maine Coon Cat 04-20-09

The whiskers have been added and the whole carving (with the eyes masked) was sprayed with an acrylic matte finish for protection.

Maine Coon Cat 04-20-09 Back View

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Painting Changes 04-19-09

Maine Coon Cat 04-19-09

The white has been toned down a lot with more brown and more beige tones .

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Some Changes .. 04-16-09

Maine Coon Cat 04-16-09

I recarved some of the mouth area and retextured it; repainted to tone down some of the white and the pink on the nose. When I add the whiskers, there will be a little bit more painting to do and that will tone down the white a bit more.

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More Painting…04-14-09

Several more thin washes have reduced the red tones. Highlight details have been added.

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More Painting


A little more painting is done here. Except for detail, I’m using several thin washes to build up the color.

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Base Coat — 04-02-09

Base coat

Just a thin coat of burnt sienna acrylic paint as a base coat.

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Mouth recarved

The lower jaw was recarved for a more petite look

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Texturing is completed

Texturing completed...FrontTexturing Completed..Back

It has taken a good amount of time, but finally the texturing is completed. I used 3 different size V-tools and the skew tip on the wood burner followed by a good rubbing with Scotch-Brite synthetic steel wool and a brush to remove any particles left behind. Next step will be painting.

Closeup of Face and Eyes

Since the filler used to set the eyes in doesn’t burn well, I thought I would upload a closeup showing that the area is, in fact, textured. I used a 1mm V-tool.

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Update 03-04-09 We have EYES!


The eyes have been set in with wood putty and I am in the process of modeling and shaping the filler.

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Lots more texturing! Getting there!


The eyes have not really been set in here…they are just loosely placed in the sockets. I thought it looked a lot less eerie than it did without any eyes 🙂

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